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CoFounder Weekly #54: August 4, 2019

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🤔 Tweeter’s Digest: Thought Starters, Founder & Investor Corner, Funnies

📱 Screens Screens Screens

⚗ Experiment: What are you working on? (Part 2)

🍻 CFW Happy Hour - August 15th @ 6PM

💒 Editor’s Clarification: Greg got married (but not to Wisam)

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By: Ueli Johner

🤔 Thought Starters

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👩‍💻 Founder & Investor Corner

Christoph Janz 🅿️9️⃣@chrija
.@bwertz shares (preliminary but already impressive) results of @VersionOneVC:… The fundraising advice contained in this chart is that if you're trying to raise VC you have to be convinced (and convince others) that you can be on the far left of the chart

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😹 Funnies

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🥇 “Tweet of the Week” from last issue:

📱 Screens Screens Screens

An exploration into our omnipresent relationship with screens.

⚗ Experiment: What are you working on (pt. 2)?

Last week CFW readers shared what they’re working on, so we let it ride and added some more bite-sized updates this week. Here’s part 2 with a few more blurbs about what y’all working on:

Will Hoag: Cardsaholic, turning Google Sheet table data into shareable and embeddable card layouts in seconds.

Hillary Reinsberg: The 2020 Zagat NYC Restaurant Guide. We (The Infatuation) acquired the iconic brand from Google in 2018, and are working on a new, tech-driven platform, but we're also relaunching the print version in November. People may not realize that Zagat has actually been doing user-generated content since 1979.

Mat KaliskiFirstGeneration is a trying to help improve socio-economic and cultural diversity in startups by helping immigrant and first generation founders go from post product to Series A.

Ori Barnik: GroupMaps partners with organizations to provide them with off-the shelf white-label member discovery and collaborative social mapping software. If anybody is interested in learning more or exploring a beta (costs covered) partnership, we’d love to hear from them.

Will Quartner: Investing at Prelude Growth Partners, a growth equity firm focused on high-potential CPG brands in food, bev, beauty, personal care, pet and baby.

Jeff Johnson: Heading up The Arrivals, a function-forward outerwear brand that just launched a rad line of sunglasses.

Eric Bahn: Hustle Fund is a seed fund backing hilariously-early hustlers.

Maxine Cunningham: Pick My Brain helps people find new and creative ways to offer and sell their time, knowledge and experience to others on their own terms.

Hiten Shah: FYI helps people find their documents in 3 clicks or less.

Daniel Eckler: SpaceCadet: PR 2.0 - stunts for startups. Generate mass media awareness for far less $ than advertising.

Rock on errbody!

🍻 CFW Happy Hour: August 15th

To celebrate one year of CoFounder Weekly, we’re going to host a CFW Happy Hour on August 15 in NYC. The theme will be “Microdoses and Mimosas”. Time/Location: 6:00pm-whenever at Freehold (45 S 3rd St. in Williamsburg).

🎟 If you’d like to join, please sign up here.

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Taking the rest of August off like Europeans do (and send Wisam your Paris recommendations),

Greg & Wisam

Editor’s Clarification: A few CFW readers were under the impression that Greg married Wisam. Perhaps this misunderstanding was based on the photo of us together in our birthday issue. This is, in fact, not true. Greg is married to Dana. (But Wisam and Greg do spend a lot of time together).

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