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CoFounder Weekly #53: July 28, 2019

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🔮 Podcast interview: Enneagram 101

If you’re like us, you’re somewhat obsessed with personality tests.

I just want to be understood!

Enter the Enneagram — a self-discovery tool that helps you understand yourself and your relationships with others.

While the Enneagram is nuanced and complex, the basic gist is you have one dominant type, a wing (adjacent to your dominant type), and you adapt to other types in times of growth or stress. Like it or not, your ego is driving a lot of the narrative in your head. Once you know your Enneagram type, you can achieve a level of consciousness that helps you understand yourself and navigate how you interact with others.

It’s pretty freaking cool, so we sat down with the founders of Upbuild, an Enneagram practitioner to get the 101.

We discuss:

  • The 9 personality types (10:10 mark)

  • How do you define the ego? (17:30)

  • Why is it so hard to be vulnerable? (26:50)

  • Can you have more than one Enneagram type? (34:10)

  • Why is our culture obsessed with personality tests? (41:00)

🎙LISTEN: Tune in to this 49 minute conversation on CoFounder Weekly Radio™.

BONUS: Do you know your Enneagram type? Email us back with it and we’ll pair you with anyone else who is your type.

⚗ Experiment: What are you working on?

Last week we asked what you’re working on in 140 characters. Here’s what you shared:

Nick Panama: Studio model for turning audio-first content (Podcasts) into omni-channel storytelling experiences — premium video, live, cpg, etc.

Robin Mehta: DressPass, a two-sided marketplace for travelers to rent clothes from locals’ wardrobes in their destination city.

Brad Groznik: Ecommerce website selling cool hi-viz motorcycle apparel for people who don't want to look like a dork.

Tamela Serensits: Argolytics, a web-based software for manufacturers to assess the quality of the products they are making.  Our first product, Trendable, will be available in the near future.

Jose Varela: Cuanto, enabling digital payments in Panama and Latin America for anyone with a smartphone.

Matt Newberg: HNGRY is a new video series exploring humanity’s rapidly-evolving relationship to food through the lens of technology.

Alexa Meyer: Helping the world feel better with modern experiences for mental health with Beam.

Lloyed Lobo: Boast Capital, we help companies in the US and Canada automate the complicated process of applying for R&D incentives from the government.

Brian Mahoney: Alkemi Network, a non-custodial pure technology play that leverages smart contracts to connect anyone with crypto assets directly to applications and services that need liquidity. Incentives between all stakeholders and the network are always aligned, thus leveling the playing field for all who participate in capital markets & staying true to the open finance ethos.

Sarah McBride: A fashion line generated by AI, starting with t-shirts. West coast version dropping #soon

David Mishkin: Healthcare VC, with a focus on making people healthier.

Jekka Kuhlman: Zenrez, CRM and growth marketing automation for fitness studios. Powered by big data.

David Cancel: Drift is the world’s first and only conversational marketing platform.

Wisam Abdulla: Hazel helps companies build a better feedback culture, without leaving Slack.

Tomas Hoyos: Voro is the healthcare social network where people share doctor recommendations with their friends and communities.

Rock on errbody!

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Greg & Wisam

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