It's our first birthday! 🎈

CoFounder Weekly #52: July 21, 2019

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Dear CFW readers,

This is issue #52, which makes today our ~first birthday! Since the first issue (back when it was called Greg’s Weekly Recap), we’ve enjoyed surfacing trends, insights, and lolz in the startup world.

More importantly, it’s been fun exploring independent ways people live and work. We’re a newsletter for unconventional thinkers, weirdos, people who wear mismatched socks, and those who are interested in creating things their way. There’s so many “standard ways of doing things” because that’s “the way it’s done”…fuck that.

- Greg and Wisam

To celebrate our birthday, we thought we’d share a retrospective of some of our favorite projects we’ve covered in CoFounder Weekly.

We’d like to give a shoutout to our collaborators on this wacky project, including our illustration partners (Ueli, Victor), CFW Writer’s Room (Benny, Matt, Anthony, Christine, Jon, etc.), general contributors (Sarah, Dave), CFW Brunch attendees, and YOU, our readers!

To celebrate one year of CoFounder Weekly, we’re going to host a CFW Happy Hour event in August in NYC. The theme will be “Microdoses and MimosasIf you’d like to attend, please sign up here.

Thanks for joining us on this engaged adventure! It’s engaged readers like you that make this worthwhile ❤️

🤵 Greg got married yesterday!

Unrelated to our one year birthday but something we’re also very happy to celebrate is that Greg got married yesterday to the very wonderful and lovely Dana Otto!

For Greg’s wedding gift, please send us an email about what you’re working on (in less than 140 characters). We asked last week and want to share with the rest of the CFW Community what you wonderful people are all working on to help create serendipitous connections.

Please reply to this email and share what you’re working on!

Mazel Tov Greg and Dana!

- - - - - - - - - -

Sweaty from the weekend,

Greg & Wisam

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