🗺️ Clarity through mind mapping

CoFounder Weekly #78: January 26, 2020

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🗺️ Clarity through mind mapping (by Greg Kubin)

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🗺️ Clarity through mind mapping

You ever feel something’s not right but you’re not quite sure what it is?

Mixed feelings.

Happens to me all the time.

I recently felt this way about startup investing. 

A part of me loves the idea. A part of me feels weird about it. 

I cobbled together a lil’ strategy to figure out what’s going on under the hood.

Lets call it mixed feeling mind mapping.

The process explores my unfiltered feelings through free association.

By moving the idea from my head to paper, I surface subconscious feelings and then identify themes or patterns.


Here's how to mind map:

  1. Write down the cause of the mixed feeling

  2. Brainstorm the first things that come to mind

  3. Go down the rabbit hole of each word (writing whatever comes to mind)

  4. Stop after 5 minutes. 

  5. Highlight in green the things you enjoy and highlight in red the things you are averse to. Don’t highlight what you’re neutral about.

This should give you a good indication of what’s driving your feelings (here’s a fuller overview).

Through this process, I learned...

I dislike the conservativeness of many investors, I’m less knowledgeable in technical areas, I don’t like saying No all the time, and I prefer not to spend my Friday nights on the phone negotiating a deal with lawyers. 

But I’m good at looking into the future, I like the people part, and I like being helpful and strategic. And I have mixed feelings about money.

Now, with the taxonomy of startup investing laid out as a map, I am able to ensure that with any investing I do I play to my strengths, and partner with the right people to fill in the weaknesses, or decide to improve those areas. I have clarity.

And I should probably do a mind map about money.

(If you decide to mind map something this week, send it to us!)

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Mind mappin’ on da weekend 🗺️,

Greg & Wiz

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