CoFounder Weekly-ish

December 20, 2020

Ready to shake things up?

Psychedelic researcher Robin Carhart-Harris published a paper in 2014 called the Entropic Brain Hypothesis. At birth we feel unity and connection (think baby and mother), and over time we develop a separate sense of self, aka an ego. If left unchecked, the ego can become rigid (becomes less entropic) and over self-analyzes, often leading to disorders like OCD and depression. Psychedelics (like psilocybin) introduce entropy to make our thinking flexible and less rigid, which pairs well with psychotherapy to make sense of it all. Other high entropy states include REM sleep/dreaming, sensory deprivation, or near death experiences. TLDR: having a bit of entropy from time to time is good for keeping you flexible, and potentially even in tune with nature’s natural state.

In this spirit, CoFounder Weekly will be more entropic in 2021. It won’t necessarily be sent every Sunday, and maybe once in a while it will be sent on another day of the week.

This year, I launched a podcast and an investment syndicate to help expand access to psychedelic medicine. When you add something to your life, sometimes you need to make space for something else. 

We’ll still cover startup life, tweets, trends, internet experiments, and lolz but occasionally diverse topics too. In my exploration of psychedelic medicine, I’m currently learning about: neuroscience, pharmacology (the science of drugs), psychology, psychiatry, consciousness, spirituality, indigenous communities, the healthcare system, FDA clinical trials, biology, chemistry, genetics, podcasting, and early-stage investing. There’s a lot of good stuff in there.

I hope each future CFW, whenever it is delivered, introduces a small squirt of entropy to your day.



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