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CoFounder Weekly #64: October 13, 2019

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🔦 Five Interesting Things on the Internet

1) Here are the most and least frequently used emojis (via Unicode Consortium):

Related but unrelated: People who use more emojis have more sex and get more dates… (LINK)

2) “Learning to write with confidence” outlines a 6-step process writer Steph Smith uses to publish long form articles (LINK)

(What’s the longest article you’ve written? Send it to us and we’ll include in an upcoming newsletter)

3) “Is Anyone Going to Get Rich off of Email Newsletters?” explores the history and potential of newsletters. TLDR: Not really. As such, CoFounder Weekly will indefinitely be delaying our IPO (LINK)

Intimacy and weirdness and specificity don’t tend to be compatible with making money, at least not at Silicon Valley scale.

4) Do you spend a full minute citing the source of an idea before sharing the idea? Guilty. Derek Sivers suggests putting an end to that practice in “Don’t quote. Make it yours and say it yourself” (LINK)

When I first started reading a lot of books, I started quoting them a lot. When bringing up an idea in conversation, first I would mention its source — the book, the title, the author, and the subject of the book — before finally saying the idea.

After far too many times hearing myself referencing this book and that book, always naming titles and authors, I realized it was a lot of unnecessary clutter. I could see my listeners waiting for me to get to the point. It was inconsiderate.

5) Startup spotlight: Tripcost, an app that helps you estimate travel costs. Enter in your destination and trip length, and it spits out how much you should expect to spend. 

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