Google Calendar Down

CoFounder Weekly #48: June 23, 2019

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🤔Thought Starters, 🆘 Google Calendar Down, 👩‍💻Investor & Founder Corner, 🏛️ CFW Office Hours, 😹 Funnies, 🍳 CFW Brunch #2, 🌈 GIF of da week, 💎CFW Perk

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Vote on one tweet (by replying by email with your fav). We’ll tally the score. Then we’ll share the results and reward the tweeter with a diploma that memorializes the “Best Tweet of the Week”, according to the CoFounder Weekly community.

Credit: Ueli Johner and Greg

🤔 Thought Starters

🆘 Google Calendar was down and the world stopped spinning

Here’s how the internet reacted:

$WORK $WORK $WORK $WORK…is Slack’s stock ticker

And here are three hot takes about their IPO this week:

👩‍💻 Founder & Investor Corner

🏛️ CFW Office Hours: Sales for Founders

Building the next unicorn but need help building your sales pipeline? Or just want to vent with other founders about some of the struggles (or wins) getting your sales scaled up?

Join us this Wednesday, June 26th at 2PM ET for CFW Office Hours with Sales Coach Dave Kennet. It will be a Zoom conference call with Dave and other participants.

🔗 Sign up here to join (only 3 spots left)

😹 Funnies

🍳 CFW Brunch #2

…aaaaaaand we’re back.

Our first brunch was so much fun we’re going to keep it going! Are you a founder, future founder, creator, or creative?

Join us next Sunday, June 30th at 1:30PM for brunch with a crew of curious CFWers.

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🌈 GIF of da week

Handcrafted by CoFounder Weeklier Sarah McBride.

💎 CFW Perk

What do the cofounders of Kabbage, Smartsheet, Medallia, Atrium, Gainsight, Zapier, GitLab, Pendo, and Brex all have in common?

They’ll all be speaking at Traction Conference in beautiful Vancouver, Canada (Wisam’s hometown) on August 7-8.

The event is hosted by CoFounder Weeklier Lloyed Lobo, who is offering CFW readers a 40% off using promo code CFW40 (please don’t share).

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