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CoFounder Weekly #46: June 9, 2019

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🍳CFW Brunch Club: Recap & pics

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🤔 Thought Starters

🍳 CFW Brunch Club #1

We hosted our very first CFW Brunch Club today in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and it was AWESOME. We got an avg. NPS score of 10, according to unofficial polling.

Brunch was delicious and the company was even better. We chatted for hours about all kinds of topics like:

  • The magic of GIFs

  • “Gray area” growth hacks used by companies like Reddit, PayPal, and Airbnb when they were early stage startups

  • The opportunity cost of spending ~10 years as a founder

  • The importance of meeting up in person to build community

  • Ideas for future CoFounder Weekly experiments: field trips, randomly pairing up founders for coffee, using NASA data like Co-Star to send the newsletter at the optimal time

Special shout-out to the lovely 8 humans who took time out of their sunny NYC Sunday to meet up!

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