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CoFounder Weekly #78: Feb 2, 2020

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🔬 Atomic Habits

If you sell one of your Bitcoin today and invest the proceeds into a vehicle with 12% interest and forget about it until 2040 you’ll wake up with around $100K (the real path to $100K BTC 😝). This, friends, is the principle of compounding, one of the greatest forces of humanity.

Another force of humanity is that we are creatures of habit. And just like money compounds, so can our habits. This is the gist of James Clear’s Atomic Habits — focus on tiny incremental changes that make you slowly better and by 2040 you’ll be living your wildest dreams.

We asked Twitter for some of their best hacks for forming new habits and here are our favorites:

What are your best habits? What do you do to support them? Reply to this email and share :)

🍍 Food for thought

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P.P.S. Last week’s mindmap post had a broken image…of the mindmap. Here it is.