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CoFounder Weekly: April 28, 2019

CoFounder Weekly is a newsletter for founders (and future founders).

This week: 🤔Thought Starters, 📆Day in the Life: Jessica Powell, 👩‍🎨36 Days of Type, 👩‍💻Founder & Investor Corner, & 😹 Funnies.

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By Greg Kubin

🤔 Thought Starters

(Four Tweets this week that made us think)

📆 Day in the Life: Jessica Powell

(Day in The Life is a series about the daily routines of founders at different stages of the startup journey)

Jessica Powell is the co-founder of a music collaboration software that will be launched later this year. Jessica is a first-time founder after heading up PR at Google. She also just published The Big Disruption: A Totally Fictional but Essentially True Silicon Valley Story. She is based in San Francisco.

🔗 Here’s a day in the life of Jessica.

👩‍🎨 36 Days of Type

“36 Days of Type” is a celebration of global creativity, showcased on Instagram. It’s worth checking out.

Thousands of designers, illustrators, and artists participate in the challenge every year to share creative interpretations of letters and numbers.

“Our ABCs and 123s are in many ways the shape and substance of our collective visual vocabulary itself”, participant and CoFounder Weekly contributor Victor Sanabria told us. “#36daysoftype has tapped into this and unearthed the creative energy of artists worldwide.”

The project was started by Nina Sans and Rafa Goicoechea and has turned into a global community and movement (#36daysoftype has 617k posts & @36daysofype Instagram has 200k followers).

Here’s some of our favs:

Check out Victor Sanabria’s letter R above. 👏👏.

👩‍💻 Investor and Founder Corner




🍭GOODY BAG (fun things we’ve been reading)

🌎 Putting it out in to universe

Ever want a guided tour of your city’s street art? There’s an app for that: Art Pigeon. Engineer Daniel Goldstone has initially launched in NYC. Daniel is looking to for a partner to help with business development to work on local partnerships (e.g. a hotel could offer guests a branded guided tour). Interested? Reach out at

😹 Funnies

(LOLs from this week)

✍ Writers’ Room

Last week, we hosted a writer’s room with some CoFounder Weekly readers. We riffed on a bunch of topics and listened to Benny play his viola. Stay tuned for some of the fun ideas we came up with.

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The images in the #36daysoftype sections above spell C-O-F-O-U-N-D-E-R,

Greg & Wisam

P.S. Here are the results to last week’s poll:

Teens these days are skipping out on getting their drivers licenses. Our readers on the the other hand…