🎙Introducing.....Business Trip

CoFounder Weekly #99: June 28, 2020

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 🎙 Business Trip

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🎙Introducing…..Business Trip

I’m VERY excited to share the first episode of Business Trip, a podcast about psychedelic entrepreneurship.

Business Trip tells the story of the emerging industry of psychedelics. Each episode features founders, from biotech startups developing novel psychedelic compounds, to clinics and retreats for healing, to software companies building tools to power the ecosystem.

I’m working on this podcast with one of my besties, Matias and Serebrinsky — we’re advocates of the healing powers of psychedelic medicine and we see a bright future ahead for the industry.

The podcast is an opportunity to highlight promising psychedelic companies, to get into the nitty gritty of how to build a company in this field, and also educate ourselves (and our listeners) about psychedelic protocols, science, technologies, history, research, and ethics. And as investors pour millions into the space, we’re interested to know -- how will companies balance healing people but also meet investor returns?

In the first episode, I interview the founder of Mindbloom, and share an audiodiary of my experience participating in ketamine-assisted therapy — the only legally prescribable psychedelic therapy available in the US today.

I could write a longer intro about why psychedelic medicine is effective, fascinating, and gaining momentum, but you’re better off listening to the podcast to learn more about it!

Listen to the first episode here.

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