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CoFounder Weekly #43: May 19, 2019

By: CFW Writers’ Room & Ueli Johner

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💸Should you buy bitcoin?

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📆#OpenStartup update: Day in the Life of Sahil Lavignia

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🤔 Thought Starters

(Five Tweets this week that made us think)

💸 Should you buy Bitcoin?

The price of bitcoin surged in the past few weeks. We sat down with Veljko Skarich, a coder/founder/bitcoiner/HODL’r to discuss what the hell is going on with crypto this time around and where he sees things going.

🎶 Listen to the conversation (37 minutes) on SoundCloud

(Have a burning question we didn’t cover? Email us and we’ll ask Veljko in a follow-up chat)

Crypto is back in the headlines. Twitter is talkin’ about it. FOMO is setting in.

👩‍💻 Investor & Founder Corner

(Startup tips)


To raise VC or not raise VC? That is the question we ponder a lot in CoFounder Weekly.

John Ramey describes how he raised capital for his startup The Prepared without VC. Fantastic resources in the article. Some notes:

  • He positioned the investment risk similar to a real estate investment (since it’s not all or nothing outcome, and the downside is capped).

  • He only pitched individuals, not institutions.

  • There is no board, investors don’t have voting rights, and many of the “protective provisions” VCs ask for are not present.

If you are looking to raise funds (VC or not), here’s three more resources shared this week:


😹 Funnies

(LOLs from this week)

📆 Update: Day in the Life: Sahil Lavingia

Last week we shared an interview with Gumroad founder Sahil Lavingia.

It was our first long-form interview and it got a lot of love on Twitter (for our standards). In addition to our weekly recaps, we’re having a lot of fun going deeper and creating our own original content. We’d love to hear from you if there’s certain areas you’d like us to dig into.

It nearly killed my phone battery.

🔗In case you missed it, here’s the full interview with Sahil.

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Pumping BTC,

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