Bye bye USA 🇺🇸

CoFounder Weekly #57: August 25, 2019

Don’t worry, this isn’t some doom and gloom issue of CoFounder Weekly.

We’ll let you come to your own conclusion about the direction of the country.

Rather, CoFounder Weekly is going global 🌎!

I’ll be spending the fall as a #nomad wandering around Bali, Israel, Berlin, and ??? with my wife Dana (this is Greg).

Wisam will be holding it down in NYC and I’ll be sharing my observations from abroad.

Say goodbye (or hello if we haven’t met) at our CFW breakfast this upcoming Tuesday!!

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🏢 How to Make 70+ IRL Friends on Twitter (CFW interview with Nikhil Krishnan)

🍳 CFW Weekday Breakfast: August 27th

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By @fubiz

🤔 Thought Starters

👩‍💻 Founder & Investor Corner

Michael Seibel@mwseibel
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😹 Funnies

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🏆 “Tweet of the Week” from last issue:

🏢 How to Make 70+ IRL Friends on Twitter

Twitter is dope…says Nikhil Krishnan, who published a great intro to Twitter in the eponymous presentation “Why Twitter is Dope”.

Nikhil believes Twitter is a great way to create real friendships offline; 60-70% of the people he meets these days is through Twitter.

In our conversation, we explore Twitter from all the angles:

  • How Twitter is a serendipity engine

  • The keys to bringing online community offline

  • How to get started with Twitter if you’re a noob

🎧 Listen on Spotify or Stitcher.

🔗 Read the interview here.

Didn’t click the link? Read this completely genuine tweet about the interview and perhaps you’ll reconsider.

📊 Poll Results from last week: Will you invest in the WeWork IPO?

🐃 Read the Bull Case here:

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8:30am on Tuesday, August 27th @ The Smile (26 Bond Street).

The more attendees the merrier…YOLO.

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See you Tuesday?

Greg & Wisam

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