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CoFounder Weekly: November 15, 2020

CoFounder Weekly is a newsletter about startup life.

This week’s CFW is a guest post from Christine Huang, a trends & insights researcher with previous lives at YouTube, Buzzfeed, and MTV (with me!). Christine is my go-to person to know what the #youth are up to. Today she takes us on a trip around the interwebz.

Xtine, here. 

(Long-time CFW reader, first-time contributor.)

OK... so.

The election is over(ish)!

... Now what?

After white-knuckling our way through the last few weeks/months/years — a moment of pause & reflection feels important right now. 

Some therapists say that we turn our energy towards fixing the outside world to avoid confronting our more unknown and frightening internal one. The line between these two spheres seems blurry to me, but before jump-cutting to the next (or current, seemingly endless & relentless) external challenge, consider this an invitation to take a minute to stop, focus inward, and reflect on & maybe even enjoy something un-push-alerted. We are all facing another few months of suspended animation. I hope we can keep finding new ways to stay curious, be open, and find gratitude in simple pleasures.  Nothing below is time-sensitive. But please, when you feel moved:

1) Sit in awe of this creature

2) Revisit this completely sincere internet art project by Miranda July

3) Share your dreams matter

4) Get yrself (vicariously) clean

5) Feel some feels

6) Transport yourself (in COVID times)

7)Make a freaking fantastic dip

8) Keep on dancing

9) Remember, we’re more same than different

Party responsibly,


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