📊 CoFounder Weekly metrics, revealed

CoFounder Weekly: April 14, 2019

CoFounder Weekly is a newsletter that captures the zeitgeist of startup life.

This week: 🤔 Thought Starters, 📊 CoFounder Weekly’s metrics, 🚘 Uber factoids, 😸 Funnies, 🏆Challenge: Can you size the market?

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By Greg Kubin on Instagram

🤔 Thought Starters

(Four Tweets this week that made us think )

📊 Open Newsletter: CoFounder Weekly

There’s a trend of startups sharing their growth and user stats, a topic we’ve covered a few times. Pat Walls of StarterStory, Sahil Lavingia of GumRoad and Buffer are great examples of this.

Isn’t it a bit hypocritical to cover the trend and not participate ourselves?

We’ve been pumping out one CoFounder Weekly every Sunday since August 2018. We started as a Twitter recap for those who don’t check twitter.

We’ve since broadened the scope of our content beyond curating tweets, making more original content. For example, last week we debuted a Day in the Life segment and a compilation of Out of Office emails.

Our readership growth has been linear in 2019. Each bump in the chart below was an instance where a reader tweeted about us or shared our newsletter on LinkedIn, which typically generates about 20 new subscribers. We’ve also been manually signing up subscribers at conferences, weddings, bar mitzvahs, at the DMV, and in line at Sweetgreen.

Who subscribes? A mix of founders, operators, investors, and startup enthusiasts.

Most of our subscribers are in the US, followed by Canada. The map below was pulled in Clearbit, which enriched our email subscriber data.

Our open rate has consistently been in the 50-60% range, which is super solid.

And the anecdotal feedback is encouraging!

Next step is to increase the volume of original content creation. Cartoons. Video. Provocative and weird essays. Behind the scenes. Etc.

We also just held a first writer’s room this week — including a few friends who work in tech and have ideas they want to contribute. If you have ideas, let us know as well.

We’d also love to hear from you what you like & don’t like, and where we can take this puppy.

Reply to us with your thoughts :)

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🚖 Five Uber factoids

Uber filed to go public. Here’s five interesting factoids about the company.

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😸 Funnies

(LOLs from this week)

🏆 Challenge: Sizing the Market

Google, Amazon and other tech companies have been known for asking complicated brain teasers to employees.

Jeff Bezos used to ask questions like "How many fax machines are in the United States?"

As an experiment this week, we have a brain teaser challenge for our readers:

“How many avocados will be consumed in the US this weekend?”

While there’s no right answer, the most creative one will win a special surprise announced next week. Send us your answer (and show your work).

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Spring allergies 😭😭😭,

Greg & Wisam