Q&A with Sahil Lavingia (CEO/Founder @ Gumroad)

CoFounder Weekly: May 12, 2019

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🤔Thought Starters

📆Day in the Life: Sahil Lavingia (CEO/Founder @ Gumroad)

🏎 Passing on Uber

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By Greg Kubin and Dana Otto

🤔 Thought Starters

(Four Tweets this week that made us think)

📆 Day in the Life: Sahil Lavingia

(A series about the daily routines and philosophies of founders at different stages of the startup journey)

Sahil Lavingia is building a startup on his own terms.

He has operated Gumroad profitably ever since buying out most of his VCs for $1.

He only wants to hire part-time engineers, so they can make time for side projects, travel, make music, or time with their families.

He no longer issues equity; instead he shares profits with employees and has no plans to sell the company.

Gumroad is an online platform that enables creators of music, books, films, and more to sell their products directly to their audience.

In our conversation, Sahil talks about:

  • Why you can’t drive an Aston Martin in Silicon Valley

  • Why remote work is great, but flexible work is more important

  • His personal OKRs in Q2 2019, including publishing three paintings online and hitting 45,000 Twitter followers

This is a Sunday long read.

🔗Here’s the full interview with Sahil

🏎 Passing on Uber



👩‍💻 Investor & Founder Corner

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🌎 Putting it out in to universe

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😹 Funnies

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💸 Wanna make $10k? (no idea who this guy but this is how you win the internet)

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