CoFounder Weekly (March 17, 2019)

9 Reasons We’ve Hit a Peak in the Startup Hype Cycle

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🎢 Special Edition: 9 Reasons We’ve hit a Peak in the Startup Hype Cycle

We’re at the peak of something.

Startups! VC! Scale! Mega-rounds! Blah.

Investor Peter Lynch says that when everyone at the cocktail party is talking about a topic, you know the market has reached a top.

Feels like that’s where we are in startup world.

Here’s 9 reasons we’re nearing a top:

1) Your dad texts you articles on how to fundraise:

Moreover, Business Insider is publishing these articles, and it’s behind a paywall.

2) Investment Bankers have become VCs looking to hire “rockstar interns” for “dope summer internships”.

3) Startups are dunking on Fyre Fest.

But do we get free tix to Fyre Festival if I sign up for Brex??

4) There’s a museum of *everything*.

By Greg Kubin and Benny Rubin

5) We’re over-optimizing every aspect of our lives.

🔗Click here for entire tweet storm.

6) People are sharing one-size fits all startup advice. Meanwhile, the best way to learn is to do.

7) There’s no right way to be successful, but everyone is preaching one.

8) Instagram goes down and it becomes a national emergency

9) For a more sober reflection about the peak, read this thought provoking Twitter thread:

🔗 Click here for the entire tweet storm.

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⚗️Experiment Update

✍ Last week we shared a Google Doc as an experiment for you guys to scribble on: Write on me.

Funnily enough this week, Atlantic writer Taylor Lorenz wrote an article that the hottest chat app for teens is…Google Docs.

Yea, we be hip.

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Drinking overpriced juice,

Greg & Wisam

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